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HJ-LED 700500 Series Lamphead

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Price: $ 980
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  • HJ-LED700500

  • LAMP



- High end LED modules fulfill all surgery requirements.

- Each LED module can be changed individually in case of any failure

- 50.000 hours of long life time.

- Adjustable color temperature between 3000-5000 K

- Special Lamp Head Design.

- Head design with low aerodynamic resistance avoids the disturbance of laminar clean air caused by the occlusion of the lamp during the operation.

- Manual focus function can be adjusted both by the handle and by the control panel to adjust sensor technology & endoscopy mode.

- Sensor technology can switch related LED sections off automatically and preventing shadow forming when obstacles appears.

- Sustainable for endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures by adopting a single light function (endo light function).

- Adjustable color temperature between 3000K - 5000K.

- LCD color touch screen control panel controls all functions.


2.Technical parameters


3.Model list



HJ-LED700 lamphead

LED operating single lamphead with armtube

HJ-LED500 lamphead

LED operating single lamphead with armtube

HJ-LED500500 lamphead

LED operating double lamphead with armtube

HJ-LED700500 lamphead

LED operating double lamphead with armtube

HJ-LED700700 lamphead

LED operating double lamphead with armtube

4.Package and delivery


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